Pbs Expectation Matrix

PBS Expectation Matrix
PBS stands for Positive Behavior Support. We have been using PBS since 2008. Our "Big 3" expectations are Safe, Respectful and Responsible. When students are caught doing one of these expectations they are rewarded a gem. They can then turn the gem in for a reward. If the class is caught doing one of these expectations they are rewarded a gold token and after 20 gold tokens they have a class celebration.

We Are

Covey Habits

In All Settings

In the Cafeteria

On the Playground

In the Restroom

In the Hallways

During Arrival and Dismissal




*Be Proactive

*Sharpen the Saw

Walk on color lines Ask permission to leave assigned area Keep hands, feet and body to ourselves

Walk facing forward in line

Hold tray with both hands

Walk down hill on line


Stop at stop sign

Keep hands and body to self

Use equipment correctly (check procedures)


Wash hands with soap and water

Keep water in sink

Walk facing forward on colored lines

Hold railing

Stop at stop signs

Take one step at a time

Use cross walks and sidewalks

Walk to and from building

Remain seated in your assigned spot

Keep yourself & belongings inside the bus

Lower windows only half way down


Seek First to Understand then to be Understood

Think Win-Win


Sharpen the Saw

Follow Give Me 5 rules

Use polite language

Appropriate school attire

Active Listener

Voices off

Use manners

Stay in line

Touch and eat only my food

Invite others who want to join/synergize

Enter/exit building quietly

Follow game rules

Give others privacy

One person per stall

Voices off

Voices off

Stay in your place in line with your body to yourself

Enter/exit with positive greetings

Keep body to self

Follow the directions of the driver at all times

Treat everyone with courtesy and respect


Begin with the End in Mind

Put First

Things First

Sharpen the Saw

Be an active Participant

Clean up after self

Focus on own behavior

Raise hand for help

Clean up your personal table and floor area

Get up with adult permission

Collect & return equipment

Solve problems with rock, paper, scissors.

Line up quickly when whistle blows

Use & Flush toilet

Keep feet on floor

Throw paper towel in trash

Return to class promptly

Keep up with your class

Tell teacher when leaving

Take coats and bags to designated area

A pass is necessary to ride a different bus or unload at an unassigned stop

Place all trash in trash cans at the front or rear of the bus

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